You can import your Localizable.strings file from your iOS/macOS project directly into eclypse. Sample strings file is shown below:

  company name

  Created by Veronica Beaumont on 18/11/2024.
  Copyright © 2024 company. All rights reserved.

/* Insert Element menu item */
"Insert Element" = "Insert Element";
/* Error string used for unknown error types. */
"ErrorString_1" = "An unknown error occurred.";

Note: Strings file can optionally contain comments. 

File Specifications:

When adding a Localizable file, the contents of your file have to conform to the following standards:

File EncodingUTF-8This file has to be encoded with UTF-8 standard.
Plural HandlingiOS StringsStrings files do not include plural keys. You have to use another file type to localize plural content. Learn more.
Placeholder PatterniOS StyleStrings files can contain Apple's format specifiers which follow IEEE printf specifications. Learn more
New LineUnix StyleStrings file should be encoded with Unix style new line endings.