You use batch translate when you want to use machine translations as your provider and convert all of your keys at once to target languages. Batch Translate interface looks like this:

Step 1: Select Project Languages

These are the languages in your project. Select the languages that you want to convert. Only those languages you indicated will be converted and the rest will be skipped.

Step 2: Select Translation Provider

You can either use Google or DeepL to perform machine translations for your keys. Please note that different translation providers have different language convertibility. In this example above, Fula is not translatable by Google. 

Step 3: Start 

Click start to begin the batch translation process. Please note that the translation process might take a while to complete and depends upon the number of keys you have in your project. If you wish, you can cancel the batch translate process at any time.

Job Completion

When the job completes, it provides information about how many keys were successfully translated. See example below:


Skipped Phrases

Sometimes eclypse will intentionally skip translating certain phrases due to several reasons. Those reasons are reported at the job completion results interface. 

Phrase not empty
eclypse skipped translating this phrase because there was already another text present. eclypse will not override existing translations.
Source is empty
eclypse skipped translating this phrase because the base language value was empty text. In other words, there was no source to translate.
Not needed
eclypse skipped translating this phrase because the key has some features associated with it. And according to the availability of those features, translation was not needed for the target language.
Same as base language
Google or DeepL generally do not differentiate between different dialects of a language. For example Australian English (en_AU) and Canadian English (en_CA) are treated as simply English. If you base language is one dialect and your target language is another dialect, eclypse will simply copy the translations from your base values to targets.