You can import your strings.xml file from your Android project directly into eclypse. Sample strings.xml file is shown below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <string name="welcome">Welcome</string>
    <plurals name="items_in_cart">
      <item quantity="one">You have one item in your cart</item>
      <item quantity="other">You have %1$d items in your cart.</item>

File Specifications:

When adding a strings.xml file, the contents of your file have to conform to the following standards:

File EncodingUTF-8
This file has to be encoded with UTF-8 standard.
Plural Handling
Android strings.xmlAndroid's strings.xml files include the plural and singular keys in one xml file. Learn more.
Placeholder Pattern
Android styleAndroid uses a limited set of Java's format specifiers. Learn more