Body Schema

projectName*stringYou need to provide a project name within your organization. Project name is case-sensitive. If the project name is not found within your organization, request fails.
keys*[ImportKey]The array must contain at least one key. The system performs an UPSERT operation for each key in the array.
Partial success is allowed. If some of the keys cannot be inserted or updated due to a data issue, the server will still return 200 (Success) while explicitly listing the keys that were not processed.

* denotes required fields

ImportKey Schema

KeyTypeDefault ValueDiscussion
key*string--unique identifier for your translations. The key must conform to the following rules:
* It cannot be empty or null.
* It cannot consist of only white space characters.
* It cannot exceed 256 characters.
* It cannot contain forward slash (/) character.
* It cannot start and end with double underscore characters (__).
mergeRulestring?mergeAccepted values: merge, replace
Merge Rule allows partial information to saved without disturbing other fields.
* When the rule is set to merge, you only provide the information that you want to update. The key still retains the values for those fields that are not provided in the request.

* When the rule is set to replace, it completely resets the key. Any field that is not provided will be blank in the resulting key. 
descriptionstring?""Updates the description field if provided.
isPluralboolean?falsetrue: The translations have plural variations.
one: Hello! You have one message.
other: Hello! You have %d messages.

false: The translations do not contain a phrase that changes according to a numeric variable.
Plants use sun for photosynthesis.
capitalizationint?37Accepted values are 37, 10, 68, 52
37: Original -> Text is preserved, no changes.
10: Lower Case -> All the translations within this key are lower cased when exporting data out of eclypse.
68: Upper Case -> All the translations within this key are upper cased when exporting data out of eclypse.
52: Capitalize Each Word -> Each word in all the translations starts with upper case when exporting data out of eclypse.
charLimitint?0Accepted values are 0, >0
0: No Limit -> There is no character limit.
>0 -> Apply soft character limit on the translations. (Only displays a warning on the UI)
customAttributes[string: string]?empty dictionaryArbitrary information you want to save against this key. Only certain export formats support this.
tags[string]?empty arrayThe list of tag ids that this key should be be associated with.
features[string]?empty arrayThe list of feature ids that this key should be associated with.
platforms[string]?empty arrayThe list of platform ids that this key should be associated with.
milestonestring?nullThe id of the milestone that this key should be associated with.
translations[ImportTranslation]?empty arrayOptional. You do not need to provide translations if there are no translations available or there are no updates to translations.

* denotes required fields

ImportTranslation Schema

KeyTypeDefault ValueDiscussion
languageCode*string--Should be one of the languages codes as supported by eclypse
pluralFormstring?see DiscussionIncluding plural form is optional and only necessary when the key includes plural variants.
Accepted values are zero, one, two, few, many, other - depending on the language. See plural forms of each supported language.
translation*string--corresponding translation for the language code. can include placeholders.
statusIdstring?nullThe id of the milestone that this key should be associated with.

* denotes required fields


    "projectName": "rosette",
    "keys": [
            "key": "rhythmic_dancers",
            "mergeRule": "merge",
            "description": "provides additional information for translators",
            "isPlural": false,
            "capitalization": 76,
            "charLimit": 66,
            "customAttributes": {
                "key1": "value1",
                "key2": "value2"
            "tags": ["tagId1", "tagId2", "tagId3"],
            "features": ["featureId1", "featureId2", "featureId3"],
            "platforms": ["platformId1", "platformId2", "platformId3"],
            "milestone": "milestoneId1",
            "translations" : [
                    "languageCode": "en_GB",
                    "pluralForm": "other",
                    "translation": "dancers are finding their rhythm.",
                    "statusId": "statusId1"
                    "languageCode": "ko",
                    "pluralForm": "other",
                    "translation": "댄서들은 자신의 리듬을 찾고 있습니다.",
                    "statusId": "statusId1"
                    "languageCode": "pt_BR",
                    "pluralForm": "one",
                    "translation": "dançarinos estão encontrando seu ritmo.",
                    "statusId": "statusId1"