This article describes how to prorate your subscription when you change it in the middle of a billing cycle.


If you change your plan while in the middle of your billing cycle, we apply any unused credits towards your new plan. This way, the first invoice you get from eclypse after the switch will be for a partial amount, i.e. a pro-rated amount. In your next billing cycle, the invoice will reflect the full amount corresponds to that billing period.


Let's say that your organization decides to switch from a plan that is $20/month to a plan that is $50/month. Also let's assume that there are 15 days left in the billing cycle. As a result, there is still $10 worth of credit left for the remainder of this billing cycle. 

remaining credit = (15 / 30) * 20 = $10
new pro-rated amount = 50-10 = $40

As a result, if this hypothetical organization decides to switch to this new plan at $50/month, the following will take place:

1. The billing cycle day will reset to the day of the change. This means you will get another bill/invoice approximately 30 days from the change.

2. The first bill/invoice that you will get for the new billing cycle will be $40 which reflects the credits .

3. All the future bills/invoices you will get will be $50 per month.