When exporting your localizable content out of eclypse, you may choose "File System" as your delivery option. When the export process completes, all of the files are created in the folders you specify in the "Dynamic Save Path" field. File System interface looks like this.

Dynamic Save Path

You must provide a valid save location for the file system delivery to work correctly. The save path does not need to exist prior to this operation. 

  • If the path doesn't exist, eclypse will create all the necessary folders. 
  • If another file resides in the resolved path, eclypse will replace the existing file.
  • If the provided path is not unique and clashes with another file, only the last file during the export process remains.
  • In order to create a unique path, use one or more dynamic variables in your path. See the accepted variables here.
  • The path should start with forward slash ( / ) character.






In order for "File System" delivery to work, you may need to grant eclypse app one time permissions to the base folder where the exported files are going to reside. When eclypse detects that it doesn't have the necessary permissions, it will ask you before the export process can begin.

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