When exporting data out of eclypse, you may use certain variables so that resulting files are placed most conveniently for your downstream needs.  

Accepted Variables

VariableResolves ToDiscussion
{key}The unique identifier of this asset (or key.)This is the name you give to this asset (or key) that you reference in your source code.
{locale_id}Locale id that corresponds to this asset.Locale Ids in eclypse conform to Java Locale standards. For example:
French Canada: fr_CA
Simplified Chinese Macao: zh_Hans_MC
{language_tag}IETF BCP 47 language tag that corresponds to this asset.Each language tag is composed of one or more "subtags" separated by hyphens (-).
For example:
French Canada: fr-CA
Simplified Chinese Macao: zh-Hans-MC
{file_name}The name of the original file (without extension)Given the file: Invoice-T891.pdf, the file name is "Invoice-T891".
{file_extension}The extension of the original fileGiven the file: Invoice-T891.pdf, the file extension is "pdf".
{project_name}Name of the project where this asset residesIn eclypse you can create multiple projects under your account. Generally each project responds to an app, game or a website that your organization owns. Your localizable content lives under one of those projects. During export process, you can inject the project in to the path of the file.