When exporting data out of eclypse, you may use certain variables so that resulting files are placed most conveniently for your downstream needs.

Accepted Variables

VariableResolves ToDiscussion
{locale_id}Locale id that corresponds to this file export.Locale Ids in eclypse conform to Java Locale standards.

For example:
French Canada: fr_CA
Simplified Chinese Macao: zh_Hans_MC
{language_tag}IETF BCP 47 language tag that corresponds to this file.Each language tag is composed of one or more "subtags" separated by hyphens (-).

For example:
French Canada: fr-CA
Simplified Chinese Macao: zh-Hans-MC
Android specific way of qualifying resources by BCP 47 language tags while exporting data. This is supported starting with Android 7.0 (API level 24).Language tags start with prefix "b" and using + symbol to separate the tags.

For example:
b+en -> English
b+en+US -> English with United States locale b+es+419 -> Spanish with Latin America locale b+zh+Hant+CN -> Chinese, Traditional Mainland locale
Android specific way of qualifying resources by ISO 639-1 and a two letter ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 codes while exporting data. This is the original method of qualifying resources in Android.

Locale ids start with ISO 639-1 code. If there is a region to the locale id then ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 is appended with an r prefix.

For example:
en -> English
en-rUS -> English with United States locale
es-rMX -> Spanish with Mexico locale
zh-rCN -> Chinese, Traditional Mainland locale
value of the "table_name" custom attribute in a key.
This dynamic file path variable only works for certain file types such as XCode's string catalog. If the key contains the "table_name" custom attribute then generated file name will be the value of this attribute.

Most of the time "table_name" custom attribute gets automatically populated by eclypse during the import process using the file name. You may, however, manually associate keys with a table name retroactively.

For example for table_name value of CustomersModule:



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