After you sign up to use eclypse for the first time you become the owner of your organization. You home screen will look like this:

To get started select the Let's go button and create your first project. Afterwards you will be able to invite the members of your team to this project and start collaborating.

Provide the details of your project as shown in the example:

Project Name: Name of this project. Generally you want to name a project the same name as your app. Required.

Description: Additional information about this project. You may use this field to differentiate projects with the same name. For example you can provide the "Web app" or "Mobile app" descriptors. Optional.

Base Language: The primary language of your app. Required.

Project Icon: If you choose, you can represent this project with an icon. The icon will be visible on the home screen. Optional.

Project Brief: You may provide additional information to members of your team. Optional.

Languages: Choose the languages your software will be available to your customers. Required.

Software Availability: Choose the countries or regions where your software will be available to your customers. Optional but recommended. 

Click save to create your first project. Your project will now be accessible from the home screen:

Now that you created your first project, you can invite your team members to start collaborating. Read here how to invite members to your project.