In order to import your data into eclypse, select a project and then select Import. Please note that you have to have admin level privileges in order to be able to import data into a project.

Drag and drop the files or click to locate the files in your system. For each file, you have to select the language and its format specifications. Each file you import should include the app contents for only one language. 

Some file types have extra options to configure. If you use one of those file types, you will see the "Configure" option right next to the file. If the file type is not configurable, it will instead say "Inspect". Click Configure and provide the specifications for the file you would like to use.

When you have configured all the files you would like to migrate to eclypse, click the Import button to start the process. When the process finishes, eclypse will give you a summary of the import results. Migrating files is generally a quick process which only takes a few seconds. 

If the import successfully finished, you should be able to see your data in the Translations section of your project.


See the list of supported file types here.